Blogs i write are mostly related to OSRC in one way or another, may it be a user manual, tutorial or something interesting for the reader. Since i developed the OSRC system, naturally writing information about it is my main priority. However now and then i do tend to write my own thoughts about other topics, related to technology.

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OSRC Development & Manufacturing

Αναρτήθηκε από σε σε RC Projects

The new site is up along with a new look for the project. Instead of constantly replying to E-mails, different forum posts and general requests all over the internet, i decided to maintain this blog and keep it updated as i work, while finishing the production and development stages for the entire system.

Some Background

For those who haven't been following the project from its initial release, i would like to say that the project and its development has gone through rough times with ups and downs since all development was done by me and it took lots of time even working full time on the project. Initially there was an IndieGoGo campaign as an attempt to gather resources to build the first prototypes. This was when i still worked on client projects parallel to my own ideas. During this period a very enthusiastic and generous organization found me and supported the prototyping stages (Details can be found in the About section of the site). If you are not familiar with the project then please read the About article before continuing.

Once the prototypes were built and tested, i made an attempt to collect the required funding to produce at least 1000 units which took almost 6 months and was unsuccessful due to the large sum. Since going with the Mass Production route didn't work out, i took some time to rethink the whole strategy, rebuilt the OSRC site to host the OSRC community, its files and blogs.

Current Status & Availability

With the help from 3D Systems and enough equipment to manufacture in the workshop, by hand, at-least tens of units at a time, i am redesigning some aspects of the system and upgrading software features as well as hardware aspects for a release of the product line in the near future.

Although there will be news posts on the Front Page every time something major happens, i shall mostly maintain this blog until the first production batch is complete. Additional news and small updates shall also be posted on the OSRC Facebook and Twitter sites. If you would like to participate in the design or contribute with your ideas and even help with project development then feel free to post about it in the Forum, since that is the first place i shall be looking every morning. Subscribe to this blog to stay updated and enjoy the new site.

Update: 12/11/2012

I started a new Forum Thread where i explain the things which i shall be changing for the updated release. Feel free to submit your own ideas and suggestions as i work on the redesign of some key features.

Update: 24/12/2012

The year is coming to a close so an update is in order. Seems that as the budget becomes lower and lower, the need to go backwards is even greater. Although initially i was informed to have a 3D printer for the enclosure manufacturing, it seems not to be the case after all. I must admit that i personally did not get the info about the 3D printer but through a very good source with whom i have been working for a long time now. On the other hand i didn't expect to receive it anyway, just kept my hopes up nevertheless.

Why going backwards? Its like those old games in the day (e.g. Syberia - which i really loved to play), where in order to progress you need to do another 10 tasks. Get a wire, to place it in a machine, to start the machine and let another guy do something and so forth..

Since the budget doesn't allow a proper 3D printer and at this point it is the only way to progress with the project, i begun working on an SLA printer of my own. Specifically designed for a large work area and high resolution results as well as reliable functionality for long hours and repeatable builds. Did lots of research and seems that the DIY DLP, Laser based or in general, Light Wave curing Resin based printers on the market are either not available yet (e.g. Form 1 or similar) or have a really small work area and for some reason cost 3 to 4 times more than it actually is worth. For the 3D printer part i also created a separate group in the Forum as well as in the Blogs, so feel free to post your thoughts about it there. I already made the contacts for the material part of the build, hardware components and everything else required. The designs for such a machine are also almost complete. The only drawback as with everything at this point is the budget which i hope to at least get high enough for the project to keep going.

I am also happy to say that the OSRC design you got to know through videos and pictures shall not be the one i am going to be manufacturing but a completely new and improved design of it. While doing everything else required for the project, i have been working on a beautiful new look and functionality for the system which is going to be the future framework for all OSRC equipment.

For now i guess this is all the news, nothing to show i am afraid since everything new is still on paper or in design stages. Since the year is coming to an end, i would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. Also i would like to thank everyone who is following the project for their support, since it is in most cases more important than any budget.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

Update: 14/01/2013

FliteTest was kind enough to talk with me and discuss the different aspects of the system. Although there are tons of aspects that were not touched in the video, it still gives a great opportunity to everyone of introducing the project and its status.

Intro-Small.jpgMiraculously (and i really mean that since it was by no means planned) at the approximately same time, i initiated an IndieGoGo campaign for gathering funds and building the 3D printer i need in order to produce the parts for OSRC. If you are reading this update while the campaign has still some time left before coming towards its deadline, i strongly suggest checking it out and helping with the project since it is crucial i overcome this obstacle and progress with the development and release of the system.

Additionally the campaign gives the opportunity to those who are planning on purchasing the system in the future, to be first in line once the system is released since quantities shall be limited. Those who select the campaign perks for the machine it self or a perk related to the subject shall also be deducted the funds of the enclosure parts, thus getting the system even cheaper.

Update: 05/02/2013

I am happy to say that the IndieGoGo campaign was a complete success. Enough funds were gathered to build multiple machines besides the one for the OSRC development. A news article was posted few hours after the end of the campaign which describes the future plans of the system.

This entry shall be the last in this article since a new one will be initiated once OSRC development resumes. Meanwhile feel free to visit the Forum and post your thoughts there. I would like to thank everyone once again for their support and and quite pleased to be able to keep working on the project and collect enthusiastic members within the OSRC community as well as help it grow.

For those who are following the project

If you are following the project and want to find out its current status, please navigate to the News Article that was posted shortly after the last entry in this blog. It explains what happened after the IndieGoGo campaign and navigates you to the 3D printer build blog. If you are not familiar with the project then please read the About article before continuing. These blog entries are all connected so please read them in the specified order, to get the bigger picture. Each article navigates you to the next related post so you won't get lost :)

Have been working with electronics for as long as i can remember. Always enjoyed making something new and having the pleasure of seeing it work at the end. One of my latest and i must say, greatest creations is OSRC - Open Source Remote Control. Finally i can work on a single project, devote my full attention towards it and improve it as much as possible, with help from the RC and general Open Source community.

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