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Open Source is great! Engaging the community in something unique and being able to build a product based on contributions made by those who use it, as well as have constant feedback from the creators gives a great advantage and satisfaction while seeing it evolve and being a part of it. However, being open also has its disadvantages. With the constant headache from competitors or large organizations who posses more resources or connections it becomes quite important to stay ahead of the curve and always innovate.

Working on a project as complex as OSRC and Ilios requires full time commitment and constant testing as well as development. Both OSRC and Ilios are tangible and quite advanced hardware projects that you can hold and use in your applications, they consist of many components and original parts that take time to develop and are based on constant trial and error.

Since every project is built and tested by hand, developing and manufacturing large quantities is impossible with a low budget and a small team. Earnings that are made from shop sales are deliberately kept low by the creator of the projects, to make even an advanced system as OSRC or Ilios affordable and available to an average or even beginner enthusiast.

Keeping the projects alive requires constant financial support to continue development, plan trips to meet with as many contributors, fans and new people who might benefit from them.

Any donation amount is much appreciated, either recurring or one-off. The appropriate buttons are below. For large contributions please use the contact form. In return Demetris and the rest of the OSRC team will work harder to bring you more and better features. Plus you get a free warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are helping to keep the projects afloat.

Donated amount so far: €295

Required amount for initial OSRC production: €57,659.00

The above information is updated daily.


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If you prefer not to donate, then no problem. There are other ways to support the project.

  1. If you are an RC product manufacturer or someone who just wants the system to support something it currently doesn't, don't hesitate to ship your plane, helicopter, accessory or other gadget to the OSRC workshop and we shall make sure it is tested and works perfectly for you and others who may want it supported as well.
  2. You may have electronic equipment, tools or even raw material that isn't useful to you. Before trashing it or disposing of it, consider sending it over if you think it might be useful to the engineers, working on the project.
  3. If you are a developer then you can help out with software or hardware development for the project. Just head on to the forum and introduce your self. There is plenty to do.
  4. If you know any of the languages that the website supports and you are confident that you could translate some of the articles, menus, blogs or other content with ease then use the forum, contact page or just begin translating. Although it sounds like a minor detail, there are many people who would understand the project better in their own language and could join its community based on this feature.
  5. Spread the word, talk about ideas you may have in the forum or write a blog about your latest project. In general try to be as active as you can within the OSRC community and help its content to grow together with its members.

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