Blogs i write are mostly related to OSRC in one way or another, may it be a user manual, tutorial or something interesting for the reader. Since i developed the OSRC system, naturally writing information about it is my main priority. However now and then i do tend to write my own thoughts about other topics, related to technology.

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Sub Trims

Αναρτήθηκε από σε σε Model Menu

Not all trims are accessible through the dedicated Trim knobs on the Main Unit. To find out how to trim other channels, read this section of the blog.


Sub Trims can be thought of like the center offset values for each channel. If a motor or another output device on a model needs its center to be offset then these are the values that must be altered. The only difference of this section from the Trims section is that the operator can define the exact value, necessary for each of the remaining channels.


The amount of channels available for trimming is directly associated with the total amount of channels defined within the Root Model Settings. Since the first 4 channels are controlled through the Trims section, this section can define trim values for the rest of the channels.


By selecting the value associated with the corresponding channel, the operator may define a negative or positive offset value. An Edit/Clear function may be used to reset the value to its initial state which is Zero.

Mult/ier - Multiplier

The Multiplier value is what defines in how many increments shall the trim value be altered. For example if the Multiplier is set to 1 then every time the value is altered, the offset value shall be incremented by 1 unit. If the value is 10 or 20 then the increments shall be made with the same count.

Have been working with electronics for as long as i can remember. Always enjoyed making something new and having the pleasure of seeing it work at the end. One of my latest and i must say, greatest creations is OSRC - Open Source Remote Control. Finally i can work on a single project, devote my full attention towards it and improve it as much as possible, with help from the RC and general Open Source community.

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