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Although i suspended the project, i still get E-mails every day about information regarding OSRC and its designs. Although it is sad to see that even in the year 2016 there are very few equivalent systems (if any) since the day i designed this prototype which was almost 6 years ago now. Since i started this project as an Open Source initiative, it only feels natural that i end it as such. Although there were offers and interest in financing the project and its development for an Up to Date system with lots more and in my opinion innovative features, none progressed beyond the spoken promise and a written E-mail. As much as it hurts me to end this project, i am honestly tired of waiting and hoping and must move on. In my last attempt to give the project a breath of fresh air i shipped out the only prototype i had to a potential investor who unfortunately did not return the unit or came in contact with me, which is probably for the best since it would be gathering dust here. Hopefully it does some good to its new owner. Although i could make another, i don't have the urge right now to do so since it would serve no purpose.

As my final act on this website i give to everyone the sources for the initial OSRC prototype just as i have them on my hard drive. Hopefully someone will learn from them, make something better or simply be inspired. OSRC in my opinion is a great idea and was started before the whole "Drone Hype" even begun, so it is only fitting that i publish it for all now when it is most needed.

Below is the link to the OSRC Source RAR file. Be prepared to wait a bit since the file is almost 1GB and some may need more time than others to download it. Please do not contact me about its contents with questions regarding format, system architecture or code. Those who are in the business will identify the files immediately, those who are not, most probably don't need them in the first place. Spread the word to others and hopefully this small gesture of good will will help at least a small group of people who will do something better than i could ever hope for. It is now 8:00PM so give the file a couple of hours to be uploaded before you begin downloading it. Recommend downloading it not sooner than 3 hours after this post is published.

Those who want to continue and follow my work are free to do so through the www.GizmoForYou.com website as well as the www.Ilios3D.com site where i am working on new 3D printers and am making (hopefully) original and helpful designs for others to benefit from.

Created on Thursday, 07 January 2016 18:02
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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