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Dear all, unfortunately despite my efforts to gather the funding required for manufacturing OSRC, through the last IndieGoGo campaign, i am suspending the project and moving on. It was a great experience and truly a massive effort on my part to bring what i still believe to be a unique and innovative remote control system to the masses. The project was complex and yet provided everything any RC user may ever want in a single and compact package.

No matter how disappointing these news may be, i am still grateful for the opportunity which was given to me and am very happy that so many people supported me during the entire period of the project. I did manage to make the system for my own goals and although was not able to make more for others, still got lots in return and learned a great deal.

OSRC gave birth to the Ilios 3D printer, which although at the time was not my main priority, did eventually become the project which paid the bills and helped people in their own work. Because of this, i shall be concentrating on its future development and try to make Ilios unique as well as helpful to as many people as possible. Since there will be no other projects occupying me, i shall concentrate my efforts on developing Ilios into something original and innovative as well as something that will be user friendly and practical. If you are interested in following my journey within the realm of 3D printing, feel free to like the Ilios Facebook page as well as visit the Ilios 3D website where i shall be posting all future news and development.

Once again i would like to thank everyone who supported me and would like to say that no matter how small your support may have been, it did get me through 4 years of hard times and struggle in a not so friendly economical atmosphere. I hope i inspired at least a small portion of all visitors who learned about OSRC and perhaps in my own small way did make a difference for future RC innovations.

Created on Monday, 01 December 2014 19:17
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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