Blogs i write are mostly related to OSRC in one way or another, may it be a user manual, tutorial or something interesting for the reader. Since i developed the OSRC system, naturally writing information about it is my main priority. However now and then i do tend to write my own thoughts about other topics, related to technology.

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If you need to give some slack to your values and delay a signal from being transmitted then this section should be the one to read. Delays utilized by the OSRC User Interface differ in their functionality and can delay a signal up to extreme time margins for custom input to your model.


Delaying the output for each one of the available 4 Main Stick channels can become important in many cases for different reasons. The algorithms used to delay a value for all channels are written in such a way, so that the main program cycle is never halted or paused. Quite extreme delays may be achieved through this section, which may be necessary for the operators mission.

Channel 1 - 4

Define the amount of delay needed for each channel by altering the appropriate values. For practicality reasons, the current version of the Main Units firmware, can delay the 4 Main Stick channels, which are the mostly used ones by the operator. However the amount of delayed channels may be greater if users require it.

The best way to understand the delay functionality is to imagine the Main Program running through its loop. While each loop is ended, the channel value is being pushed through an array to the next position, until it reaches the nth position. The Delay value is the position of the array from which the End Value is taken. So the larger the value, the deeper the value is taken from the array, resulting in a delay. Although this happens quite fast, the end result does not stall the main program and provides enough time for a sufficient delay to be achieved.

Have been working with electronics for as long as i can remember. Always enjoyed making something new and having the pleasure of seeing it work at the end. One of my latest and i must say, greatest creations is OSRC - Open Source Remote Control. Finally i can work on a single project, devote my full attention towards it and improve it as much as possible, with help from the RC and general Open Source community.

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