Sensor Modules


Never again will you need more than one sensor on your model.
Forget all other sensors and ways to integrate them, use a single solution for any given application.

Sensing the orientation, motion and acceleration of your model has never been easier. The Sensor Module Mark1 provides 9 degrees of freedom which are more than enough for any unmanned or controlled application. If you for some reason need to have the ability to stabilize your model and separate channels or motors from each other then with the help of a Model Controller and OSRC itself, you can do that.

Among many advantages is the fact that the Sensor Module also eliminates the need for additional hardware such as a Gyro on a Helicopter or a Plane or even a Compass if you are flying a UAV related model. The modular connection all OSRC controllers provide make is easy to connect to each other, supplying or providing power through out the entire assembly from just one power source.

The sensor array available inside the module is staggering in its accuracy as well as speed. Not only can the operator set up the system to adjust the motion of a model but also record or display the data on either the OSRC Monochrome or (in FPVC Advanced case) Color screen. The same data can be stored inside the Model Controller of even the Sensor module it self since internally even something as small as the Sensor Module has a processor which controls the data flow as well as executes custom functions based on your configurations.

Remove the need for multiple units inside your model and replace them with a single and compact solution which seamlessly integrates with an already large OSRC family of modules. Provide ultimate position and data control to your model, making it just as advanced and versatile as other complex and expensive solutions. With a combination of a Model Controller, FPV Module and the Sensor Module you inevitably are transforming your model into a fully functional UAV (Unmanned aerial Vehicle) solution which is only limited by the OSRC software capabilities which we update and improve constantly.

Exterior Features

  • Lightweight & Compact design
  • Modular OSRC Interface
  • 28.1mm x 28.1mm x 9.6mm

Hardware Features

  • Internal 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • Internal 3 Axis Gyro
  • Internal 3 Axis Compass
  • Versatile Internal Processor

Software Features

  • Easy to use Interface
  • Software Operated Calibration & Optimization
  • Stand-Alone operation for Heli or Plane modes


The heart of your RC setup. Superior in every way.

Bring FPV experience to your RC flying in the fastest way possible.

Add superior processing power and professional features to your setup.

Setup your OSRC system to suit your flying needs best.

Forget all you know about RC and discover untouched potential of your model.

Put aside your worries about size, functionality and features. Fly FPV and do so much more.

Never again will you need more than one sensor on your model.
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