Unlike currently available RC transmitter units, OSRC cannot be defined as merely a transmitter nor receiver. It was designed from the start to be a complete remote control system and can operate in unison with other third party products as well as with its own dedicated modules or accessories.

In this section of the site you shall find descriptions about all available products OSRC has to offer as well as their features. Please note that these are an overview of key features of each system component and information as well as documentation about in-depth features is located in the Blogs section of the site.

If in doubt or need additional information about any of the products mentioned below, don't hesitate to post in the OSRC Forum where someone from the OSRC team or other member of the site shall be more than happy to assist you.

Which Configuration Suits You?

The main idea behind OSRC from day one was its modular design. Besides the default configurations, there are many optional accessories and hardware add-ons which will suit your style and type of flight best. Please read the Blog Article about different options available and which configuration suits you.


The heart of your RC setup. Superior in every way.

Bring FPV experience to your RC flying in the fastest way possible.

Add superior processing power and professional features to your setup.

Setup your OSRC system to suit your flying needs best.

Forget all you know about RC and discover untouched potential of your model.

Put aside your worries about size, functionality and features. Fly FPV and do so much more.

Never again will you need more than one sensor on your model.
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