FPVC Advanced


Add superior processing power and professional features to your setup.
One of the most powerful additions for OSRC, with unseen processing power for a Remote Control System.

Rapid technological evolution has gone a long way since the first processors. In today's devices related to almost all applications you will find processing capabilities far beyond what they were intended for. In FPVC Advanced case we have spared no resources and created an ultimate tool that hold inside abilities that in some cases even surpass modern computing devices.

The large LCD display provides a remarkable view of an advanced OSRC User Interface as well as Real Time video stream from your vehicle. Cockpit - like UI gives you the ability to monitor and control your vehicle just like a professional pilot would inside a real craft. Assignable switches, thumb-sticks and touch capabilities provide the user with a stunning control environment.

Given the power that FPVC Advanced holds, operations such as 3D Model simulations with control from the OSRC gimbals and buttons, give an opportunity to never need a Desktop computer as well as learn to fly with the same settings and hardware as the real thing. The ability to record FPV video directly from the model eliminates any need for additional hardware while giving the expandability of a microSD card for larger formats or other data. The same principles also apply for recording your own movements as well as recording motions from a remote operator.

By utilizing FPVC Advanced, the operator is given the opportunity to control, change and monitor the entire scope of a vehicle response without the need for a personal computer or other processing machine. The internal FPVC Advanced CPU provides more than enough power for any given mission and is completely customizable in sense of software as well as hardware. With the help of a large display and stunningly fast response of the user interface, break free from the painful pipeline currently available and solve all your needs with a single addition of an already feature packed device.

Key Features

Only mentioning the fact that FPVC Advanced uses Linux as its Operating system, immediately it becomes clear that the amount of possibilities related to the module is quite vast. While creating FPVC Advanced, many new and useful features emerged since never before an entire Linux system has been implemented in an RC control system as compact and as innovative as OSRC.

User Interface

Front ViewWith the help of a Large, Color display as well as its Touch sensor, the entire OSRC interface is reborn and unleashed from it's monochrome brother built into OSRC. Besides the already available features and functions found in OSRC, the FPVC Advanced interface unlocks just as many new ways to control your model. Since with the help of a powerful processor, there is no limiting criteria to what the interface might look like, we have designed everything from the ground up and reinvented OSRC by giving it versatile control over its functions. Many features were taken from known interfaces to produce a stunning result and at the same time keep the responsiveness as snappy and fast as possible.

Another great advantage in using a Linux Operating System is that with it, an entirely new path is revealed with already available software packages for applications such as GPS Tracking, 3D Simulations, Video Playback & Editing as well as many others from both the Open as well as commercial communities.


Due to the never seen before features we implemented in OSRC, terms such as Two Way Communication, PPM, Receiver/Transmitter, Model Count and others commonly used in the RC community, simply disappear after just a glance through the OSRC features. Both OSRC and FPVC units use many different communication techniques for short as well as long range applications. Among them the ability to transfer data through GSM networks provides the ability to control a model such as a UAV without the need for additional devices since all those devices are already built into the system.

From a developers point of view, the OSRC collection of hardware features provides a Dream Come True environment with a set of commonly used protocols as well as known hardware components. The GSM part of the FPVC Advanced unit is no different from a mobile phone and is produced from high quality parts which provide a reliable solution.

FPVC Side VideFeatures that already exist inside OSRC, such as Real Time motion recording from the on-board gimbals become even more user friendly when browsing through recorded collections on the large FPVC Advanced display. While working on the Linux aspect of the device, we have had enormous help from the development community that occupies this field, in order to bring the best result possible and squeeze every drop of potential from an already great product.

The intuitive interface provided with FPVC Advanced, gives any operator the freedom to quickly adopt to any scenario presented and easily produce great results. Operating from its own power source, the module in no way interferes with the OSRC power requirements and even in an event of complete power failure from the module, the OSRC system continues to operate flawlessly through its original user interface and set of features.

Given all of the above advantages as well as much more not described here, FPVC Advanced is a true marvel and a priceless addition to OSRC. May you be a professional or a hobbyist, the amount of freedom this module will provide, shall surpass all your expectations as well as release techniques or applications you may have been constrained not to use through already available alternatives.

Exterior Features

  • Lightweight & Comfortable design
  • Indication LED's for GSM & Power
  • Additional assignable buttons
  • Additional Thumb Sticks
  • 5.8GHz Antenna interface for OSRC
  • OSRC Clip On support
  • Large display area

Hardware Features

  • 800 x 480px 4.8" Touch Screen
  • ARM Cortex A8 Processor at 1GHz
  • PowerVR SGX Graphic Accelerator
  • 512MB Flash & 256MB DDR memory
  • microSD slot
  • Internal Quad-band GSM Antenna
  • Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPRS class 10
  • Sim Card slot
  • Internal GPS Antenna
  • 48 channel GPS
  • GPS sensitivity up to -163 dBm
  • Internal 2.4GHz RF Antenna
  • Internal 2.4GHz RF Modem
  • RF Indoor Range up to 60m
  • RF Outdoor Range with line of sight 1200m
  • Transmit power of 6.3mW(+8dBm)
  • Internal 5.8GHz Video Receiver
  • Video Reception power -90dBm
  • Selectable 8 Channel Video Reception
  • MCX 5.8GHz Antenna connector
  • 2 Analog Thumb Sticks
  • Internal Speaker
  • USB OTG port
  • Video & Audio Out jack
  • 1500mAh 7.4v Protected Li-Po Battery
  • Internal Battery Charger

Software Features

  •  Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Operating System
  • Interactive RC & OSRC related Tutorials
  • 3D Accelerated Interactive Simulations
  • On-board FPV Video preview
  • FPV Video Recording & Playback
  • Enhanced ORSC User Interface
  • Real Time GPS Tracking & Map Preview
  • Cockpit UI interactivity
  • UAV Command Center features
  • RF Cloud Interface
  • Wireless Take and Go functionality
  • Remote Camera Man functionality
  • Fast Video Channel Switch-Over
  • USB interface for data monitoring & updates
  • OSRC Battery status monitor
  • Dedicated FPV Control & Customization


The heart of your RC setup. Superior in every way.

Bring FPV experience to your RC flying in the fastest way possible.

Add superior processing power and professional features to your setup.

Setup your OSRC system to suit your flying needs best.

Forget all you know about RC and discover untouched potential of your model.

Put aside your worries about size, functionality and features. Fly FPV and do so much more.

Never again will you need more than one sensor on your model.
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