FPVC Basic


Bring FPV experience to your RC flying in the fastest way possible.
Begin your FPV experience with the minimal amount of effort and add additional features to your OSRC setup.

If you always wanted to try out FPV (First Person View) flying but never got to it or you are a professional seeking for a simple way to get into FPV then the FPVC basic module is the perfect place to start. Even thought the name is Basic, the features this piece of hardware provides are quite advanced and innovative. The module is packed with top notch hardware that will not help in FPV flights but add a variety of new possibilities to your RC setup without the need for additional hardware or experience.

Beside the fact that this module provides additional input to your OSRC setup such as extra buttons and 2 analog sticks, you are also getting the Video Receiver as well as wireless communications, all wrapped into one. Starting from the Basic and finishing with the Advanced FPVC modules we made sure that operationally the additions are as intuitive as possible. The module runs on its own internal power and can operate independently from the main station. OSRC also provides the module with its own charging which means that no additional cables are required. The module has its own internal processing unit which takes care of all communications and control needed for it to function, leaving only the operation to the end user.

Our talented team made sure that every module related to OSRC is as efficient as possible and takes advantage of all features provided in each one. Things like remote camera control and even video output, are all already available in the device and cooperate with the main station (OSRC) flawlessly to achieve the best result possible. The Video & Audio jack is already designed to support most available devices and is in most cases Plug & Play. With the simple and effective Clip On system you are free to remove the module from its dedicated location and use it remotely without ever worrying about functionality loss. Begin your FPV adventure with the FPVC Basic unit and never worry again about anything but your own desires.

Key Features

Without complicated setups or cables, you are immediately placed in an environment filled with potential. With the built-in feature set specifically designed for FPV flight and a powerful combination of the FPVC modules, the almost effortless experience is perfect for professionals who need the simplicity and reliability as well as for hobbyists who just want to enjoy all the wonders and pleasure that FPV control brings.

FPVC Basic Side viewSince starting from the Basic module and up, all communication between the OSRC unit and the module are done through the RF Cloud, the remote control experience becomes even more fruitful as both single as well as several team members can manipulate a camera or additional hardware without ever leaving the site or reconfiguring any of the hardware.

Additional Thumb Sticks provide the operator with even more control over a model with both On-Board as well as remote comfort. In case a need for a Video frequency change arises, a simple press of a button will do, while always having in mind that even the FPVC buttons can be configured to any function just like the rest of the unit. In reality even the Analog gimbals can be reconfigured and assigned to functions not related to motor control through the simple and yet effective user interface OSRC provides.

The OSRC design eliminates the need for additional power sources while providing constant current for charging to the connected module, meaning that the OSRC unit acts not only as a control station but also as a docking station for the module. Besides the power connections, the back header also provides additional control of the unit for developers and hobbyists who need additional functionality of applications applied to their setup.

Even considering the simplicity of the FPVC basic module, it still provides a quite advanced set of features and capabilities to any RC setup without the need for external components or additional software. FPVC Basic is a great tool for anyone willing to be immersed into the world of FPV flight, may it be for professional or personal use.

Exterior Features

  • Lightweight & Comfortable design
  • Indication LED's for RF & Power
  • Additional assignable buttons
  • 5.8GHz Antenna Interface for OSRC
  • Video Channel LED Indications
  • OSRC Clip On support

Hardware Features

  • Internal 2.4GHz Antenna
  • Internal 2.4GHz RF Modem
  • RF Indoor Range up to 60m
  • RF Outdoor Range with line of sight 1200m
  • Transmit power of 6.3mW(+8dBm)
  • Internal 5.8GHz Video Receiver
  • Video Reception power -90dBm
  • Selectable 8 Channel Video Reception
  • MCX 5.8GHz Antenna connector
  • 2 Analog Thumb Sticks
  • USB Port
  • Video & Audio Out jack
  • 1500mAh 7.4v Protected Li-Po Battery
  • Internal Battery Charger

Software Features

  • RF Cloud Interface
  • Wireless Take and Go functionality
  • Remote Camera Man functionality
  • Fast Video Channel Switch-Over
  • USB interface for data monitoring & updates
  • OSRC Battery status monitor
  • Dedicated FPV Control & Customization


The heart of your RC setup. Superior in every way.

Bring FPV experience to your RC flying in the fastest way possible.

Add superior processing power and professional features to your setup.

Setup your OSRC system to suit your flying needs best.

Forget all you know about RC and discover untouched potential of your model.

Put aside your worries about size, functionality and features. Fly FPV and do so much more.

Never again will you need more than one sensor on your model.
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